Indie games can be a hit or miss, but you won’t know if you don’t play them. 2019 is offering us a very nice selection of Indie games. This is our Top 5 Indie Game Picks for 2019, get ready.

Spelunky 2


Platforms:PC, PS4



Spelunky was a hit indie game in 2008. It has been 11 years since the first game, and now we are finally getting a sequel. Get your TNT ready this game will blow you out of the mine. You’ll be playing as the daughter of the original Spelunky guy. There will be brand new characters as well as mechanics. The graphics are super clean and visually pleasing. There are now liquid physics which will probably be an added difficulty to your mission. We have not gotten a release date yet, but we are hoping it will be out soon.


Developer: Night School Studio

Platform: PC

Genre: Adventure

Release: 2019

Night School Studio brought us Oxenfree, the 1980’s supernatural horror game. Now, Night School Studio is bring us a new indie game set in Hell. Yes, you are playing as two best friends that have died and gone to Hell. You’ll find that Hell isn’t what you’d expect. This game puts an interesting twist on what Hell is, and also does it with incredible style.

Our Top 5 Indie Game Picks for 2019

My Friend Pedro

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment

Platform: PC

Genre: Action Platformer

Release: 2019

My Friend Pedro is a 3D action platformer game with stunning visuals. Get ready for action packed shooting with your own sense of style. You can perform tons of stunts and tricks to make the most out of your experience. The character is similar to the Marvel Anti-Hero Deadpool. You are equipped with double pistols and there is also a talking banana. What’s better than a talking banana?


Developer: Pajama Llama

Platform: PC

Genre: City Builder

Release: 2019

Flotsam is a garbage city builder, literally. In this game you make a city with garbage from the ocean and create a thriving city on top of the water. You need to scavenge for materials, make ships, and various other things in order to keep you city floating. The game has a very simplistic yet pleasing art style which makes playing much more interesting. This game will be releasing as an Early Access game in 2019, so we probably won’t have a full release until later this year.


Developer: Glumberland

Platform: PC

Genre: Farming/Monster Taming/ Life Sim

Release: 2019

Ooblets is a super cute game with super cute monsters. Ooblets is a fusion between Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon. Collect cute little monsters called ooblets and have awesome dance parties. Farm food for your monsters and build your farm. There is a ton of customization you can use between your character and house. You will have to explore different locations to find new ooblets. If you like building farms and raising super cute animals, then you’ll definitely adore ooblets.

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