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2095AD and BlueBan Megalopolis is in turmoil. A serial killer of terrifying strength has claimed 31 victims in just three weeks. The authorities are desperate for a lead. The best forensic intelligence produces nothing. The killer seems untraceable. And yet, when Lucas McCreebie loses his job as a cyberspace programmer and follows the killer's trail to solve the murder of his friend, things appear to change. Among the hacker-dens, slums and abandoned warehouses, Lucas discovers an extraordinary clue left behind by the killer. A clue encrypted by a formidable type of code. But nothing is what it seems here. The code conceals something even deeper than the killer; something powerful. Something threatening the future for everybody in BlueBan.

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The Blue Banana, known as BlueBan Megalopolis, is a giant city in Western Europe governed by The Tribunal, a technological mega-corportation famous for developing Mind-Uploading. Using Mind-Uploading, the cultural and business elites escape their bodies and the crime-infested streets, transferring themselves forever into the Computer Generated reality of Cyberspace. Meanwhile in BlueBan, hordes of misfits and jobless discontents build organized criminal fraternities in the southernmost districts, known as the Anarchy Zone. Among the turmoil, a brutal serial killer strikes without an apparent motive. BlueBan law enforcement is confused and exhausted. It needs help. Maybe Lucas McCreebie is what BlueBan needs.

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Anarchy Zone

Twenty years ago the Cybernetics revolution created human redundancy and hordes of unemployed, devastating nearly everyone one who couldn't afford the mind-upload into Cyberspace. Replaced by machines, robots and bio-drones, the jobless masses of BlueBan fled to the southern fringes to see what the underground offered. The restless community that developed there became known as the Anarchy Zone. Now, only a strange kind of middle-class occupies BlueBan proper, hoping for a future migration to Cyberspace. Meanwhile, the blood-lusting armies in the Anarchy Zone march inwards to the Inner City Districts, talking of revolution. Talking of change.

Lucas McCreebie

Lucas recently abandoned his menial job as a Cyberspace Programmer for the Tribunal to find the Serial Killer responsible for murdering his best friend. Some people call Lucas a principled man. Some call him clever. And some just call him a nerd. As social tension mounts in the Anarchy Zone, Lucas figures BlueBan Law Enforcement can use all the help they can get. Someone must stop the killer. And there's a reward on offer too. Working with officers Pendragon and Vega doesn't inspire Lucas with confidence. But it's the best he's got right now. Maybe it's the best he's ever going to have.


The Tribunal never understood how Pendragon blundered his way to Lead Detective for BlueBan Homicide. Pendragon never understood either. It's just how it goes sometimes. Pendragon likes old-school TV, hardcore video games, cheeseburgers, Tizon-Bang and everything in the slow lane. If work needs doing now then Pendragon will do it later. He attends conferences with his feet kicked-up on the desk, and aspires to be the office table-football champion. His philosophy is: No good comes from rushing. And he lives his philosophy to the maximum. Pendragon has every faith in Lucas and Vega. He loves them both. Plus, he knows a great pizza when he tastes one.


Vega was born a human but became a Human+ after installing body modifications. She's excitedly on the official waiting list to be uploaded into Tribunal Cyberspace, but her modifications are currently incompatible with the uploading technology. So while the Tribunal fixes the problem, she acts as Lead Forensic Officer for BlueBan law enforcement, working resentfully alongside Detective Pendragon. Vega believes she's too good for her work and too complex to be understood. She thinks forensics is about making statements and showing-off her modifications. She's one bad girl determined to show that anything a human can do, she can do better.

Mega Bad Code is a game by Alan Thorn, game developer and author. He founded the London-based development studio Wax Lyrical Games in 2010. Its previous titles include award-winning PC adventure game Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok, and turn-based strategy game Bounders and Cads. Alan Thorn has also written 11 books on game development and has lectured on gaming at venues worldwide. More information can be found at: and
Alan Thorn