Bethesda Softworks released Quake Champions in 2018 and it quickly gained popularity. The first person arena shooter is known for its fast paced action. However as with any game it has its benefits and drawbacks, so is Quake Champions worth buying?

Is Quake Champions Worth Buying?

First of all it is a fairly accessible game with low PC requirements, meaning that even those who are not serious gamers and not wanting to invest in the latest gaming tech are able to experience the multiplayer action. There is a mature content warning and an age restriction, however so not accessible to all.

In terms of the game itself, the graphics are good but not great. In some aspects they may seem cartoonish or old school, however some may see this as the appeal of the game. Also in many cases the graphics will depend more on what you are running the game on rather than on the game itself, however even running it on some of the top tech they can still be disappointing.

As with many arena shooters nowadays Quake Champions offer different ‘heroes’ to play as, each with their own advantages and special abilities. This is a great way to mix the game up and make the gameplay more interesting; the type of game and tactics you play with will often come down to the character you use making the game worth replaying over and over. The controls are also very simple and allow the player to get to grips with the game after just a few matches, again this is a bonus and levels the playing field slightly between those who are new to the game and those who are veterans.

The biggest downside to Quake Champions is the relatively small player base when compared with many similar games. This can lead to half filled lobbies or longer lobby wait times in between games. This is something that will hopefully change as the game gains popularity and overall this is a game certainly worth investing in.

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