Playstation plus is a membership program for Sony playstation users. For a fee members get to download free games and keep them until the subscription runs out. It has been around for years now and spans multiple consoles. Here’s a look at some of the free PS Plus games announced for 2019.




This game is an open world simulation Published by Ubisoft and developed by (). Steep boasts 4 different modes of game play with single and multi-player challenges. There is also a function that allows for snapshots to be taken and sold on social media.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is a sandbox style action rpg. Published by 505 Studios and developed by Keen Games in 2015, this game has single and multi player aspects.


For Honor

This action game was published and developed by Ubisoft through their Canadian studios in 2016. For Honor has both single and multi player campaigns and several other modes of game play.

Hitman: The Complete First Season

Fans of the series won’t be disappointed with the sixth installment. Developed by IO Interactive A/S in 2017, the sandbox style of design allows you to select contracts of your choosing.



Zone of Enders HD Collection

Developed by TBC and published by Konami in 2012, ZOE HD Collection is labeled a shooter, but let’s be a little more specific. You are in a giant robot fighting other giant robots in this 4K remake.


Music and Rhythm fans who liked Amplitude in 2003 will love it now. Developed and published by Harmonix Music Systems, INC. in 2016 this game has been remastered with over 30 songs to play to on single and multiplayer modes.


Free PS Plus Games Announced for 2019

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami in 2014 this PS3 exclusive game received game of the year awards and sold over six million copies.

Dive Kick

This two button fighting game is available in on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. It also has a multiplayer option so you can kick the crap out of friends and total strangers equally.

PS Vita


Super Mutant Alien Assault

This platform shooter developed by Fellow Traveller and published by Suprise Attack PTY LTD has 12 levels in the game and an endless mode.

Fallen Legion: Flames Of Rebellion

This action rpg was developed and published by YUMMYYUMMYTUMMY, Inc in 2017. A slight nod to earlier times, this 2-D rpg has an online mode as well.


Rogue Aces

This action shooter was developed by Infinite State Games and Published by Curve Digital in 2018. Even though it is a single player game it has multiple games modes to entertain.


Developed and Published by Necrosoft Games LLC in 2017, Gunhouse is a part strategy part puzzle game with weapons you can upgrade and infinite puzzles.

Sony plans to release more games as the year progresses. Make sure to check back in for the updates to this amazing free lineup.

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