BuyNow Welcome to Bounders and Cads, a turn-based strategy game for players of all ages. Old Aunt Edna has died leaving a fortune to be claimed. The money will go to the one rascal who can play the dirtiest tricks and earn the most money in business dealings. Buy up businesses, sabotage your opponents, deploy tricky strategies, and swindle your way to an inheritance. Beware, though, Aunt Edna’s estranged husband, the Brigadier, is lurking about- and he’s very, very angry...
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>Fun board game style gameplay for all ages
>Play on your own or with up to three friends
>Cunning AI opponents and unique characters
>Voice acting and retro style music tracks
>Explore Brokeville village in full High Definition
>Colorful and cheeky humour
>Supports many resolutions and screen sizes
>Bursting with replay value- each game is different
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  screenshot_01_tn   screenshot_02_tn   screenshot_03_tn  
  Professor Whiz
Nobody is exactly sure how the professor is related to Aunt Edna, but he is determined to claim her estate all the same. Highly clever, very old, very creepy, and very crafty. You can never afford to be off your guard with this bounder around...
  Reverend Simms
Aunt Edna’s brother, the Reverend Simms is a friendly looking man. But don’t let his looks fool you. He’s a brazen property lord: he’ll buy up every business and property in town given the chance...
  Lady Anita
The famous Lady Rosalind Anita is Edna’s daughter. Elegant, snobbish, and has an
eye for fine living. She has plenty of money and wants even more. She’ll do anything
to secure her mother’s estate...

  Jonny Urchin
Jonny is a little boy with big ambition. When he grows up he wants to be filthy rich. He figures that now is the best time to get started. And so he has an eye on Aunt Edna’s estate. Full of energy, wit, and determination.
  Little Sarah
This little tearaway is about as mischievous as you can get. Rude, bad tempered, and an
all-round spoiled brat. She is grand-daughter to Lady Anita and knows she will come into
money no matter what happens. Thing is, she just wants more money for the sake of it...

Jessie is the elder daughter of Lady Anita. She’s a strange one. Quiet, shy, lurks in the shadows. She’s after the estate, but nobody really knows why or what she will do with the money. She’s not to be underestimated.
Now Suzie is the younger sister of Jessie. She is loud, extroverted and has business acumen. She is the master of dirty tricks and double-bluffs. You simply cannot rely on the backstabbing Suzie...
  Mr. Banks
In her final days Aunt Edna was befriended by her accountant, Mr. Banks. He’s devious, resourceful, cold and calculating. A bit of an all-rounder is Mr. Banks. You never know what scheme he might be concocting...
  The Brigadier
He’s the man everyone fears: Aunt Edna’s estranged husband, the Brigadier. Wild, crazy, a loose cannon, and very, very angry. The brigadier will not inherit the fortune. He just wants to make sure nobody else will either...
2013 - Bounders and Cads is a game by Alan Thorn, Wax Lyrical Games