Overwatch has been widely popular since it’s release, and has only gained more momentum as it has now moved into the world of esport gaming. Blizzard has done well with keeping the content fresh, and adding new characters in a timely fashion. Just recently, Blizzard released the Paris Overwatch map. After taking some time and playing 15 rounds on it, we are going too look at the good and the bad of this new map.

The Good


If you are a well trained sniper, you are going to have a blast exploring Paris. The map itself is quite large, with many high points of view to give you that perfect angle on a target across the map. On top of that, the majority of the map is tunnels and alleyways, add this to the excessive amount of doorways, and you can peek and pick off the other team all day.

Shield Tanks

Shield tanks will also have a fairly easy time migrating their way through Paris. As the map has many alleyways and tunnels, a shield pretty much covers you from left to right. As always, be careful of the flanks though, they can come as quite a surprise here.

The Bad

Healing – Line of sight characters (Ana, Moira)

With all of the corners and doorways in Paris it can be incredibly difficult to keep your reticle on your team mates. It will be mostly on them to stay in your line of sight, if they wish to stay alive. Alternatively, healers that can heal around corners, such as Mercy and Lucio, are well shielded from enemy attacks, while still able to heal their team.

Blizzard's New Map - Paris

Squishy DPS

Thin tunnels, and thin alleyways means as a low health dps character, you will have issue staying alive without your healers doing their job. You will be a sitting target for most, and there are so many choke points that it can be difficult to get everyone through without taking a loss or two. This can also work in your favor, depending on whether you are on attack or defense.

Overall Thoughts

Paris seems to lean fairly in favor of the defending team. The choke points are plentiful, and the map itself is large and narrow, which makes it difficult for any team pushing. Once you have broken through the choke points and get near the objective it becomes a decent amount easier to push, as the objectives themselves are out in the open, and leave very little cover for the defending team to hide behind. The map it also absolutely enormous, so it can be easy to find yourself lost at times. Though it does take some time to become familiar with a map, there seems to be a lot of space that is just going to go unused by most. Aside from some slight balancing issues on the defending side, Paris definitely has a lot of potential, and it is exciting to see how they tweak it (if at all) before releasing it for the competitive gamers.

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